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PE Stretch Film

 PE Palet Sarma Streç Filmi
15-40 micronMost 1350mm4500m'e until

It protects the products from external factors such as hot, cold, precipitation, dust and dirt. The product has a bright and slippery surface. It does not hold dust and dirt. .For flexibility; it is not affected by sharp and sharp corners, does not require rope or hoop, and is economical and economical in the packaging of bottled products.

Products in stock:
PE Stretch FilmUsageProduct SizesRoll WeightQuantity / CartonStretch Ratio
Hand TypeHT.140-17 : 17mic x 500mm x 140m2,00 Kg6 rolls150%
HT.300-17 : 17mic x 500mm x 300m2,70 Kg6 rolls
Machine TypeHT.1500-17 : 17mic x 500mm x 150m13,20 Kg1 roll350%
HT.1500-23 : 23mic x 500mm x 1500m17,50 Kg1 roll
* The weight of the roll is not included in the package weight per roll.
Production Range:
PE Stretch FilmHand TypeThickness:15-40 micronStretching ratio  
150% or 200%'is.
Width:Most 1350mm
Length:300m until
Machine TypeThickness:15-40 micronStretching ratio 
Width:Most 1350mm
Length:4500m until
* Production can be made in different colors.